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    Terri Ivens, Hostess



    Terri Ivens is an actress, not a real therapist; call girl, hooker, or woman of the night. She does not want to literally sleep with you or your mum or dad, your uncle or Auntie Em, your big sister, little sister, your gardener, your pharmacist, your technical support, or group gathering. This disclaimer may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of who ever she stole it from.

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    Charles Riley

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    Known by Hollywood elite simply as Riley, the child actor-turned-college-graduate-turned-Hollywood publicist-turned-TV producer continues his on-going quest to manifest dreams into reality – one actor at a time.



    Bokeem Woodbine of Riddick, Devil, Southland and 70+ more

    GTBTI - Terri, Bokeem

    Brian Krause of Blue Lagoon, Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers, the Hit TV – Charmed


    The Coveted Michael E. Knight ABC’s All My Children Tad the Cad and Simone


    Rib Hillis my Piranhaconda Co-star & SyFy Hero



    Debra Wilson of MadTV 

    Terri Ivens and Debra Wilson - Photo by Rachel Elias


    Patrick Muldoon – Actor/Producer/Lead Singer of The Sleeping Masses

    Terri Ivens - Patrick Muldoon


    The spectacular Dale Raoul of HBO True Blood & CBS Under The Dome

    Dale Raoul, Terri Ivens

    Freddie Smith of Addicts Anonymous / Days of Our Lives

    Freddie Smith and Terri Ivens

    Freddie and Eric Mellgren (lead singer/songwriter) of Shotgun Honeymoon

    Freddie Smith - Terri Ivens - Eric Mellgren